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Howdy, y'all. Welcome to the virtual home of my Supernatural Infatuation™, artsy and writerly. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged for all the exploits I post here. Feel free to make icons, headers, art, stories, podfics, what have ya, as long as I'm credited somewhere even if it's teensy weensy! and you let me know where I can see it. (Collaborations are some of my very favorite things!) Carry on, my wayward babies...

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Professional Artstuff

LJ TO-DO LIST FOR 2015!(Because why not put it here? Might shame me into compliance. I need to chug steadily down this list...)

-Commission for tmn1966
-Commission for amberdreams
-Art spots held for de_nugis and counteragent for the Fandomaid donations.
-Charity commission for meus_venator, for...a fic we'll decide upon!
-More Fandomaid artses, my precious: tebtosca done!, madebyme_x, and thursdaysisters done!
-Finish that damned wing-kink fic, that has somehow eluded kinkiness so far...and all the Bangs. ALL OF THEM.

And there will be more! I routinely bite off more than I can chew.

Signal Boost-a-palooza!

I know fandom offers us sooooo many opportunities to participate in events, but sometimes the oldies are the besties. These two are especially fun because they're fast and furious, and you don't have to create masterpieces for them, by design.

First off, one of my very favorite events: The Supernatural Springfling

"This is a rapid-fire, double-blind, anonymous exchange challenge, in which you have a brief set of prompts, a week to create your fic/art/vid, and a lower AND upper limit on the size of your work." You aren't inclined to procrastinate or over-think stuff. I love the immediacy!

Secondly, an event that's technically new, but not really. Every year, ohsam does something to celebrate Sam's birthday in May, and this year we're collaborating with spn_littlebro on a simple little prompt challenge. Just slap down a couple words and get inspired. (There are tumblr options too, if you're more literate with that platform.) The event open March 25th, so do the spnspringfling first!

Sam ... times four?

The warm, wonderful foolscapper wrote a really interesting, really moving little fic that I had the great delight to do art for. (Ashlee, you're the best!) What if Dean had to deal with all the different pieces of Sam. What if? This fic is tenderly written, with a fantastic Dean and lots of tragic, complicated, adorable Sam. Highly recommend!


Wordcount: 8,000+
Rating: Teen to Mature
Pairings: N/A, Gen
Summary: For the Sam Winchester Big Bang on tumblr! "Bar fight. Don't tell Dean. I don't want to hear it. You just... You understand best. You get it best, y'know? You get me." Death brings Sam back — sort of. A domestic, curtain-fic sort of piece that explores different sections of what makes Sam Winchester. An alternative to S07E01, where raising our boy's soul doesn't go exactly to plan.

Warning for psychological issues, mental anguish, mentions of torture, and so on. Also has minor self-harm (unintentional harm).

Additional art under the cut. Slightly spoilery. SFW.Collapse )
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On Frost-tipped Feathers! RB 2017...

I was so honored and stoked that the uber-talented, hard-working, brilliant cleflink snagged my art for the spn_reversebang ! She was such a delight to work with, asked for nudges, had so many great ideas, it was really inspiring. Seriously, this would make a fantastic graphic novel. Some daaaaay, maybe...

Spoilery art under cut, SFWCollapse )
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Pretty, pretty lovin's...

I found time to do a little art for my favorite, long-running SPN AU, A Monter By Any Other Name! First off, though, I have to admire and commend brosedshield and lavinialavender for doggedly and brilliantly chugging away at this fic. The big question--is Sam really a monster, and if not, why was he interred in Freak Camp--is still out there, and I'm loving the wait!

This particular chapter is a bit of a landmark; if you're familiar with the story, you'll know why. ;)

Full art under cut. NSFW, but not NC-17...Collapse )

Pencil on paper, digitally colored. Snoochie booches!

This year's SPN-J2-Xmas offering!

First off, my sincerest gratitude to the mods of spn_j2_xmas. They make the holidays wonderful, and do so much work for us to have this fun. THANK YOU. Secondly, champagne dreams and shackled kisses for my slave!fic beta team, all_the_damned, museaway, without whom I wouldn't even know where to begin, and theatregirl7299, for her speedy SPaG eye!

My lucky(??) recipient this year is the lovely vyperdd, who--funnily enough--drew my name last year! So I get to return the favor. :D I gave the slave!fic prompt a try, which I've never done before, and it spawned something that has the possibility to become a 'verse, so we shall see! I hope I melded a few of your 'likes' with my particular proclivities, and came up with something you'll dig, dear vyperdd!

Title: A Slave in Winter
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count/Medium: ~3500
Rating: R
Warnings: human slavery, suggestions of dubious consent
Summary: based on the prompt "Something set in an AU 'verse full of magic (both dark & white) and slavery where Sam/Jared is hunted by both sides. One wants to enslave him, the other wants him as a ritual sacrifice. Dean/Jensen offers him sanctuary." My wee fic incorporates snippets of many of these things...

AO3 link

Jared firmly believed that if you planned to be lucky, sometimes you were...Collapse )
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Bionic beta, needed!

Hey, gang! Does anyone have time today for a beta at-the-speed-of-light? J2 AU, ~3500...please contact for further details. SUPER quick turn-around; I need to post today! (Me, draggin' ass? NAAAWWWW...)

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!

Beta(s) found...thank you! I LOVE Y'ALL.
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Sassy magic!

I had the great pleasure to work with story_monger, whose writing is chock full of magical realism and real Gaiman-esque imagination. The story explores Sam's POV through a sort-of case!fic that is slightly canon-deviant but TOTALLY in-character for early-seasons Sam. Castiel and Crowley are pitch-perfect--I can hear their voices in my mind with each line of dialogue--and the land of Carterhaugh is both fantastical and deceptively ominous. Treat yourself, and READ IT! :D

Carterhaugh, by story_monger

no title

no title

Digital, obviously. (Lens flare, for the win!) Click images to enlarge. The art truly does NOT do the story's imagery justice. I was swept up in Carterhaugh, and partially afraid I couldn't execute what I saw in my mind's eye! Read the fic, and you'll know what I mean...
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It's the end of the world as we know it...

...and I feel fiiiiine.

Or at least that's the theme of a delicious fic that the equally delicious akintay wrote for my j2_reversebang submission! akintay was a delight to work with, and I can't recommend her fic enough. The art is mildly spoilery, but not a plot killer, so proceed gingerly if you're an ardent spoilerphobe.

Title: The End is Here
Other Pairing(if applicable): n/a
Rating: PG for the art
Media: digital
Warnings/Spoilers: mild spoilers, no real warnings except maybe smoking?
Summary: Ever since the virus started spreading and the infected starting roaming the country, Jared has been living on the streets, trying his best to survive. Living in the nearby camp of survivors might be easier, except dealing with people can be more difficult than dealing with infected—especially when one of those people is Jensen. After all, getting involved gives you more to lose.


A tad more art under the cut!Collapse )
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