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Howdy, y'all. Welcome to the virtual home of my Supernatural Infatuation™, artsy and writerly. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged for all the exploits I post here. Feel free to make icons, headers, art, stories, podfics, what have ya, as long as I'm credited somewhere even if it's teensy weensy! and you let me know where I can see it. (Collaborations are some of my very favorite things!) Carry on, my wayward babies...

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LJ TO-DO LIST FOR 2015!(Because why not put it here? Might shame me into compliance. I need to chug steadily down this list...)

-Commission for tmn1966
-Commission for amberdreams
-Art spots held for de_nugis and counteragent for the Fandomaid donations.
-Charity commission for meus_venator, for...a fic we'll decide upon!
-More Fandomaid artses, my precious: tebtosca done!, madebyme_x, and thursdaysisters done!
-Finish that damned wing-kink fic, that has somehow eluded kinkiness so far...and all the Bangs. ALL OF THEM.

And there will be more! I routinely bite off more than I can chew.
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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 24


And by "mojo" I don't mean it's getting any easier--spoiler: it never does--but I'm getting that excited bubble of inspiration where I'm starting to look forward to things again. I wasn't for a good year, whether that was obvious or not. So, anywho, I'M HAPPY IN THIS MOMENT. Tomorrow? Who knows.
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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 23

First off, a big thank you to everyone who tripped on over to my website and offered their two cents! The info was invaluable, and wonderful to hear a client's POV. I KNEW I COULD COUNT ON MY PERFECT FLIST. :D

So! Today's happy is this fandom-related product: SPN-THEMED NAIL POLISH

I want all of them, but especially Moose and The Colt. King of Hell is pretty scrumptious too, mmmm...

Nail polish makes me happy. Silly but true!
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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 22

I kinda let this little 'event' slip, but I really need a touch of the happy today. It's not like anything heart-rending has happened, nah, but I've gotta stop catching whiffs of fandom pettiness on Twitter (usually not from my own timeline, but trickling in from the periphery) and I'M WEAK AND HAVE TO SNOOP and then I see things I'd rather not. So. Snuggle me in your mothering arms, LJ. At least for today. ;)

Anywho, some happy! I've always hated my 'pro' website because 1.) it was ugly and 2.) um, well, it was ugly. And also, kinda scattershot and too full of fandom things for professional uses. It's tough for me to brand myself and I'm a pretty dubious web designer, but I found a free site that's user-friendly and not too obnoxious, so I cooked up a new, streamlined, greatly improved portfolio site:

Feel free to check it out and leave me a critique! Test the links. Suss out bugs. Make suggestions! I have yet to add a shop with non-fandom work; I don't have much stuff to peddle yet, but it's forthcoming. For the time being, I'm happy I made something that's usable, somewhat professional, and not boring or (hopefully) over-the-top. Eventually, I'll upgrade to the paid version and get rid of the ads, and as I hone my brand (whatever that turns out to be), the inventory of images will grow and evolve into...something? Apparently I have a lousy time taking myself seriously as a professional, yep.

But I'm happy I finagled a portfolio site, so there's that!
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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 20

Wow, it's taken a while to get back on the track, here! (Two of the kids started back to school this week; the third starts college on Monday, woot! FINALLY.)

But this thing right here made me very happy, because it came as a surprise and is exquisitely awesome:

The amazing beelikej sent me a late birthday prezzie of chocolate and a killer paper cut-out of My Favorite Fictional Crush! :D I swear, she is hella talented and a fantastic person, to boot.


See? Cool, right?

Now, time to respond to as many lovely comments as I can. I need a vacation from my vacation, ha!
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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 19

Heading home from vacay tomorrow--well, today, technically--so one last beachly happy:

When I get home, I'll try to catch up with responses to lovely comments (Thank you, all!) and stop annoying everyone with sand and sea. ;) I have a really cool birthday happy to share next. It's been both challenging and enlightening to come up with these, but I'm digging it more than I thought I would. It's intersting to see what sticks with you and what doesn't. Whoda thunk it!
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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 18

It was so weird, but last night -- as we were all hanging out on the deck at midnight, waiting for the moon to set -- the city blacked out. As in, the power when out. No radiant light from the town, the moon almost gone, and we could see ALL THE METEORS.

Just meant to be. Like something was telling people to get the hell out and look upwards. Too cool. Happy-cool.
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