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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
Howdy, y'all. Welcome to the virtual home of my Supernatural Infatuation™, artsy and writerly. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged for all the exploits I post here. Feel free to make icons, headers, art, stories, podfics, what have ya, as long as I'm credited somewhere even if it's teensy weensy! and you let me know where I can see it. (Collaborations are some of my very favorite things!) Carry on, my wayward babies...

Art Masterlist

Fic Masterlist(LJ) and my AO3 account
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
02 September 2019 @ 06:21 pm
cowboyguy cooked up a neat little promptfest for September, if anyone's interested! I'll dabbling in art and quick fic, in preparation for Inktober this year.

Y'all can find Promptember here: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/Promptember_2019

So far, so good, knock wood.

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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
30 August 2019 @ 02:57 pm
I'm still here and bouncing all over fandom, but spreading myself thinly on twitter, discord, tumblr, blarrrrgh...

LJ, I miss your ways. Anywho.

Two wonderful events in the offing!

(Which I did once and it about killed me, but GO GIT YOUR PORN ON, GANG!)

~~ and ~~

(Which I love with all my heart.)

Maybe come autumn when the show starts up, I'll do weekly reviews/discussions? I suspect our local station will pre-empt SPN for high school football for a few weeks, which gets on my last nerve, but whatcha gonna do.

Love y'all! Carry on...
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
More art to come -- as in interior scene illustrations -- but for now, a little banner and a lotta poster!

I had the absolute good fortune to work with zubeneschamali on this one (which I've wanted to do forever), and she did not disappoint! (Even though I kinda did, because ME.) As predicted, her world-building is THE BEST! And I just adore the characters she's built; they don't cling to the same ol' tropes. The story kept me guessing. So I hope the art tempts you to pick up the fic, because YEAH, IT'S SHWEET.

The Sceptre and the Stone

Big 'un under cut! SFW...Collapse )
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
18 May 2019 @ 06:11 pm
Last call for spn_summergen, gang! The deadline is the last time zone of May 19th, so you've got a solid day to cook up a handful of prompts. This is our last Hellatus; make it a hot one! :D

Sign-ups May 1 – May 19 - Click the banner for details!

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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
17 May 2019 @ 11:40 am
I'm feeling melancholy today, seeing all the pics from our final Upfronts on the Tweeter machine. Remembering the rapt love I used to have for SPN, because of the setting, the genre, the characters. Now granted, just like childbirth, you tend to forget the horrible parts, but as I was perusing bratfarrar's journal, with the old screencaps and chiaroscuro and classic American Gothic ambiance, I am at once still so very fond of the show, but angry. Angry that this thing I used to love beyond logic has become what it has. Has taken turns that feel so un-SPN-like (to me). Nothing gold stays, I get it, and since Dabb has directed the show in the way he has, what he's shepherded is SPN, whether I dig it or not. And for many, it has become more of what they wanted, so I shouldn't be so ... selfish? But this is our last season, my last season (even though fandom will go on and on, and I'm not leaving the fandom anytime soon), a final hit of canon. I can choose to be bitter, or I can choose to resurrect what I used to love.

Nothing ever stays dead on Supernatural, right? I can bring back--in my ruminations and my willful Americana goggles--the only stupid TV show that has burrowed into my heart. I can make this choice to see and enjoy the final season the way I want. So, remind me of that when I start bitching again, okay? :D You have my full permission.

Love you guys.
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
Dang, a lot to jumpstart here at the beginning of May. First spn_summergen, and now darling Sam's birthday. No lack of things to do this summer! :D

OhSam May 2019 meme banner

Time for the annual May 2nd OhSam meme! Bring your prompts!
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
01 May 2019 @ 03:23 pm
There's this really really tiny event called twisted_tropes that I ran as a lark for the folks on my Discord, wherein we played around with that hallowed old trope: The Coffee Shop. monicawoe wrote this delicious canon-divergent fic for it, wherein Brady is ... Brady, and Sam gets curious cravings. As one does.


Spoilery art under cut; mostly sfw!Collapse )
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
22 March 2019 @ 02:32 pm
So last weekend I dragged my long-suffering husband to Toledo, Ohio to visit their absolutely amazing art museum (seriously, if you get a chance, visit it; it's stunningly good), but also, because hometown boy Eric Kripke was giving a talk there. A free talk. Two hours from me. I was excite.

Dear travel diary...Collapse )
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
22 February 2019 @ 01:47 pm
Thanks muchly to wetsammy for her patience and brilliant writing, to the mods over at sammybigbang, especially the radiant themegalosaurus, and lastly, to Sam. Yeah, I know, he's fictional ... but tell that to Dean. ;)

Link to fic: LIFE TO FIX

More art this way. SFW, mild spoilers-->Collapse )
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
04 February 2019 @ 11:13 am
I caught a whiff of "Ur mah gurd, Sam hit Dean. ABUSE. ABUSE." on tumblr, and come on, y'all. Surely fandom isn't that simple. (I made a reply on tumblr but that platform is notoriously bad for actual conversation, so I'll repost here.) I welcome discourse, just don't be a total wanker.

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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
29 January 2019 @ 01:26 pm
I forgot to post this everywhere, so here goes. Happy Birthday, Dean Winchester! You scamp...

Dean Winchester Big 40
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
03 January 2019 @ 12:06 pm


I can't tell you how happy to see LJ crawling back to life! This is a fun, frenetic event; if you wanna stretch a certain muscle *ahem*, it's truly a rockstar challenge. Doooo eeeeet.
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
I was so delighted to sucker cherie_morte into claiming my art for the RB this year. I swear, she's nothing short of a delight and writes the boys the way I adore them. It's always a treat to work with her. YES, ALWAYS.

Fic Title: Shrike (I forget what I initially titled the art BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER ONE SMIDGE. CHERIE'S IS BETTER.)
Author: infatuated_ink
Fandom/Genre: RPF
Pairing(s): J2
Rating(art): PG (for a spot of blood. no, you??)


Original (pretty much sfw) art prompt under cut...Collapse )
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
21 November 2018 @ 04:46 pm
Amidst a bit of an insane week, I managed to cook up a banner for the lovely Naila's fic for the SPN Eldritch Bang! If you long for the days when SPN was still creepy, do check out ALL the entries!

The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
31 October 2018 @ 12:34 pm
Title: Summer School
Recipient: cowboyguy *waves madly!*
Rating: G
Media: digital art
Warnings: kids n' guns
Artist's Notes: I hope this is close to what you'd like, dear recipient! I wanted to make something with a touch of melancholy and a feel for the end of summer. (Many thanks to my darling beta, you know who you are. *smooch*)

Summary: Very loosely based on this prompt: "Sam didn't realize his summer breaks weren't like other kids' summers -- not at first. But the older he gets, the more he realizes how different his family is from other kids he meets." I imagined this was what "summer school" was for Sam...

SFW, under cut...Collapse )
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
07 October 2018 @ 01:40 pm
Ruminations on the state of fandom … for me.

Wall of text in tow...Collapse )

(Please feel free to ruminate with me, if you're so moved! Or just leave pictures of J2...)
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08 September 2018 @ 01:49 pm, reposted by quickreaver
ARTISTS! This is your reminder that today, Saturday September 8th, is your last chance to sign up for this wonderful challenge! Don't leave it until the last minute! JOIN IN NOW

Remember - If you want to submit TWO pieces of artwork, your deadline for your first piece is Sept. 9!
If you are only making one piece, you have until September 16th to submit.


Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
31 August 2018 @ 02:48 pm

The Dance of Debauchery: Round Opens September 8th
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
20 August 2018 @ 10:58 am
Remember when Supernatural used to be creepy? When angels were Others and demons weren't just numbskulls in bad suits and things still went bump in the night?

I DO. And so does spneldritchbang.

The event is currently in great need of artists -- I can't paint ALL the spoopy stuff by myself, as much as I'd love to!

Bring the sexy back to scary and join the fun, oh my artistic droogs. Sign-ups are open thru Sept. 15th.

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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
02 August 2018 @ 01:47 am
So this right here is one of the reasons I love fandom so very much: the events. And the people who run and participate in them. Fandom can be so very wanky (if you peek under the rocks), and then there are bastions of fun and talent and love, like these!

Claims for authors, artists, vidders, podficcers and fanmixers go up Saturday August 11th @ 10am CST!
Visit the community for more information: http://spn-cinema.livejournal.com/

New this year, the SPN Eldritch Bang, for all your horror needs!


Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

SO IN SUMMARY: if you can't find something to do over hiatus? You ain't looking hard enough. This is some good stuff right here!
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
30 July 2018 @ 12:07 pm


Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
13 July 2018 @ 09:29 pm
...Frozen Ocean is one of them! I was terribly honored to work with the divine kelleigh for this year's spn_j2_bigbang! We haven't worked together before--always wanted to--and I was not even the slightest, teensiest bit disappointed. She's a devoted, incredible author who writes involved, passionate fics. She works her buns off, lemme tell you. And it shows. I cannot recommend this fic hard enough.

It's got gorrrrgeous, otherworldly Jensen ... pining, heart-broken Jared ... reunions, mystery and fight scenes ... seriously, I could see it unfolding like a movie.

Okay, enough gushing. We've gotta post, and I'm the one dragging ass, as per usual. SO! With no further ado:

Fic title: The Frozen Ocean
Author name: kelleigh
Artist name: quickreaver
Genre: RPF
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Rating: NC17
Word count: 50,500
Warnings: Mentions of depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation. Temporary character death. Minor character death. Action-movie violence and injury.
Summary: Three years ago, the world lost one of its heroes. Jensen Ackles, known to most as ‘Reactor,’ gave his life to save thousands, perhaps even to save our way of life. Jared Padalecki was there that day, amidst the ruin and rubble of battle, holding Jensen in his arms as he died. In the aftermath, as society mourned the loss of their superhero, Jared buried his husband on a quiet Texas hillside.

Now, Jared’s living as a shadow of his former self, unable to move beyond his loss, when the arrival of a strange object from deep in outer space sets in motion a series of events that challenges everything Jared thought he knew about Jensen’s past and hoped for their future. From old friends showing up at his door in Vancouver to a secret military base in the middle of Texas, Jared will go and risk everything, including his own sanity, to get Jensen back. But is Jensen still the same man he loved for so long, or will Jared lose him all over again? This time, the battle isn’t about saving the world - it’s about saving what they had.


Art under cut. SPOILERY AND A WEE SPOT NSFW!Collapse )

(Thanks so much for Kelly and Wendy's eternal patience!)
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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin
02 July 2018 @ 11:08 am
Just a head's up that Summergen is posting, as of yesterday! Keep an eye out, and go read some lovely gen fic, explore lovely art, and please leave a lovely comment. *mmmmm-WAH!*
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