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Because all the cool kids are doing it, and I'm a lemming...

Stolen from ephermeralk, who stole it from brutti_ma_buoni, who stole it from...etc.

"Anyways! AUs!! I LOVE AUs. First five people, give me a SPN or SPN RPF pairing and prompt number and I'll write a short ficlet for it!"

(I'm stuck in the car for a couple of hours and like it says above, I love AUs! I love classic SPN too, but one must expand, yeah? Lay it on me!)

1. soulmates au
2. childhood best friends au
3. teacher/student au
4. teacher/single parent au
5. one night stand and falling pregnant au
6. meeting at a coffee shop au
7. fake relationship au
8. roommates au
9. meeting online au
10. high school popular kid/nerd au
11. partners in crime au
12. writer and editor au
13. co-stars au
14. lab partners au
15. meeting in the E.R/A&E au
16. brand new neighbours au
17. meeting at a party whilst drunk au
18. waking up with amnesia au
19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au
20. dysfunctional relationship au
21. best friends sibling au
22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
23. meeting on a train ride au
24. literally bumping into each other au
25. librarian/avid reader au
26. sitting on the same park bench au
27. meeting at a support group au
28. knocking on the wrong door au
29. going away to war au
30. tourist/knowledgeable local au
31. prostitute/client au
32. doctor/companion au
33. celebrity/fan au
34. meeting at a masquerade ball au
35. one of them trying to get the other one off of drugs au
36. living in a society where their love is taboo au
37. meeting in prison au
38. cop/person getting a speeding ticket au
39. long distance relationship au
40. exes meeting again after not speaking for years au
41. ghost/living person au
42. star-crossed lovers au
43. falling in love with their best friend’s partner au
44. one of them being diagnosed with a terminal illness au
45. pretending to hate each other au
46. nanny/single parent au
47. meeting at a festival au
48. meeting again at a high school reunion au
49. boss/intern au
50. going through a divorce

Depending upon internet connection, I should get the fills up this weekend sometime. *stares at flist nervously*

PS...thanks for the RBB opinionations! Very helpful. I have a couple great directions now. What would I do without you all? :D
Tags: fanfic, flash fic, meme stuff, rpf spn, spn
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