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Ganked from Cassiopeia7

"Last year we had the pre-season Eight days of wincest free-for-all. It was really cool and awesome to have something with daily posts that made the hiatus go by faster and elicited all kinds of squee right before the new season started.

So why not have a celebration of the nine seasons of SPN we have seen and at the same time use it as a (reverse) countdown to S10? Season 10 will premier on Oct 7th, so starting this Sunday (September 28th) I will post every day something about each season. Starting Sunday & S1, then it'll be Monday & S2 and so on. This way Season 9 celebration will take place on October 6th, just one day before 10x01 airs. Then October 7th will be reserved for a S10 squee post!

I really hope that others will join me in the Show love. Post anything you want either for a particular episode that season or for whole season: caps, fics, recs, art, meta, drabbles, picspams, gifs - anything you like to show our fabulous Show some love. :D"

Feel free to signal boost this: post it into a comm, your lj, whatever. Just spread ALLLLLLLL THE LOVE. ♥ ♥

I'll be starting late day Sunday, driving home. What a faboo idea!
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, spn
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