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December already?!

Eeesh, time flies when you're stuck working umpteen hours a week.  I love holiday retail. *grimace*

On the up-side, I've discovered some fun Supernatural fanfic, indulging in THAT tasty guilty pleasure.  It's a small escape from the work-a-day world of mothering, laundry, wifery, art commissions and customer service.  I might do the thing I swore I never understood:  write fanfiction.  Always wanted to write, and at this moment I've got very little time to be creative and work on the novel that's been floating around in my noggin for, like, three years now.  But every small bit of writing is practice for the 'real McCoy'.  Sooooo.....we'll see what happens.......

Tags: creative writing, fanfiction, multi-tasking, supernatural
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