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When fic isn't working...

Okay, so when a story isn't working--when you're stumped or uninspired or you feel like you're pulling teeth--what do you do? Do you soldier on? Get over the hump? Or do you admit something is hinky and kill your darling?

I'm having SummerGen issues. The tale is getting leggy and rambling and kinda divorced from insight. It feels like I'm writing "And then...and then...and then..." I have an outline, some really good passages, but I want it to be fun and it simply isn't. fhionnuiscetine even gave me great ideas and...bupkis.

So I was grumbling internally about this whilst fixing dinner. My recipient, to my great benefit, gave me plenty of prompts but I wasn't really connecting with any but one. And that one wasn't flying. What was supposed to be at least 1,000 words of summer fun was turning into a potential 10,000 words of a convoluted case!fic. I don't envy SPN's writers; you think you've got this great germ of an idea and then you look at the mythos and suddenly, it has gotten really REALLY confusing. See, that's one of the problems when you're working with divinity and infernals. What CAN'T happen?

I don't really have time for that huge a story, on top of the GenBigBang. I was looking back over the prompts, pushing around a plate of cheese ravioli and BLAMP! Lightning struck. Or at least I hope it was lightning and not just gas. Another prompt whispered a little something in my ear and it was good. It was funny and hopeful and potentially charming. With a hint of sexy. My first go-round is about to become a saber-toothed plot bunny, gently euthanized but taxidermied for future use.

Now, let's hope it works. To borrow from Chuck: writing is hard!
Tags: fanfiction, supernatural, what me stressed?, writing is hard!
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