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Eeee, look at the COOL...

Pop on over to monicawoe's journal and behold the awesome that is poetry and animation, themed around our darling Boy King! It's my Xmas present from Moni and I couldn't be prouder. :D Go show her some love!

Listen now, for whom Hell sings...

ALSO! Thank you SO much to all the lovely flisties who have sent me holiday cards (and in one notable package, a smokin' hot Sammy coffee mug!) thursdaysisters, petite_madame, are all stars! I'm so peeved that the cards I've ordered haven't arrived yet. (I ordered them 12/4; thought that'd be time enough. Nopers.) I just checked the tracking number and apparently they arrived at my post office TODAY. So here's hoping I'll get them on Monday and everyone can have New Year's cards! (And if I've neglected to mention anyone, well, 'tis the season. I'm sure there are cards stuck in holiday limbo, over the river and through the woods.)

Thanks, all! I ♥ you!
Tags: holidays rock!, my flist is awesome!
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