The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin (quickreaver) wrote,
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin

Gift for Steeplechasers

Title: Bad Blood
Gifter: quickreaver
Pairing/Characters: Sam and Dean (or Sam/Dean, totally depends upon your shipping goggles :))
Word count/Medium: digital art
Rating: R
Warnings: partial nudity, blood, wounds, ominous situation (but is that really a bad thing?)
Summary: Okay, so I didn't exactly use one of my recipient's prompts, but I KNOW what she likes and I needled one of her best buds for info, and this is what evolved. Dean is a demon, yes, but as such, he still loves his brother. 'Love', however, means something very different to Dean now. In my awful little mind, Sam has wrung himself out trying to 'fix' Dean and it just ain't working. Sam is done. He's exhausted and he's hurt and he's...done. But Dean knows how to remedy this situation. He is both the cure and the disease. This scene depicts Dose #1...



All Photoshop, click to enlarge in its own window. I'M SORRY, I KNOW, IT'S MEAN! BUT I KINDA LOVE IT TOO? *cringes*

Tags: blood, dean winchester, demon!dean, digital, h/c, masterart, sam winchester, spn-j2-xmas, spn_j2_xmas, steeplechasers
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