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My beautiful, talented friends...

I just have to show these off. I received them as Xmas presents from three of my very favorite friends and fanartists. (AND YES, I STILL HAVEN'T MADE IT TO THE POST OFFICE MYSELF, DAMMIT. I SO SUCK.)

But annnnywhooo...

Okay, here's what I love about LJ and fandom, in part anyway. As fanartists, we very seldom get folks making fanart for us. Sometimes we'll get fics written, based on our art (and I think I may be luckier than most, in that department), but either way, it's SUCH a treat! Warms my cockles, wherever those actually are. This is in part why I refused to let spn_summergen and spn_reversebang wither, and I adore spnspringfling so much.

More annnnywhooo...


The first one is cassiopeia7's adorable handiwork, complete with just enough glitter to be charming! (It got on everyone in my scanner. Sorry, boys!) The second one, with sexy smokin' Sammy, is from becc_j; man, do I love her painterliness! So jealous. :D And lastly, from petite_madame, another young, beautiful Sam. Before the world broke the poor kid.

Thank you again, ladies. My heart is so full! ♥

Tags: becc_j, cassiopeia7, dean winchester, my flist is awesome!, petite-madame, sam winchester, spn, xmas
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