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At long last! 'Rags and Riches', RBB #2

First off, a big fat THANK YOU to the adorable elenyasblood for being so patient with me and writing this delightful fic! It's so derned heartwarming. :D Elenyasblood had to get to bed before we posted, but here's the fic she was kind enough to put up at AO3 before slinking off to Slumberland: Rags and Riches! Enjoy!

And now, we art.



Not much to say! All digital, I tried to keep the drawings a little looser and not so untight in the linework, which I kinda dig. Photoref used, especially on Jensen's legs, hehehe! (It's from one of the boys' twitter accounts.) I can't get enough of Jared's hippie hair. :D As per usual, click images to enlarge a bit. I think I need to change my journal style soon; the images are looking a little blurry, and I suspect it's my awful coding skills. I know just enough to get myself in trouble...

Tags: digital, j2, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, masterart, reversebang
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