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Gimme an 'I'!

I did that letter meme thingy going around LJ right now, and cassiopeia7 challenged me with an 'i', so here goes!

Something I hate: ice (on my roads), IPAs...this is a tough letter! I don't hate many 'i' things that aren't obviously hateable, like intolerance and ignorance.

Something I love: ice (in my cocktails), indigo, ice-cream, India ink, illustration ;).

Somewhere I've been: Indiana, Illinois. Woo. (Actually, Chicago, IL was great fun, so I take that "woo" back.)

Somewhere I'd like to go: ITALY! Ireland.

Someone I know: Jeeze, I don't know anyone well whose name begins with 'i'. Weird! indiachick!

A film I liked: Indiana Jones (the first), Iron Man (also the first), Interview with the Vampire (shut up, okay, it was the 90's!), Inglorious Basterds, In Bruges (Best. Film. Ever.), I'm Not There, Inception.

Let me know if you want a letter, but everyone's probably done this meme by now. I'm so draggin' up the rear!
Tags: meme stuff, quickreaver is a slacker
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