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Heeeere in this Maaaasquerade...

First off, this was a fantastic round of spn_masquerade! If you couldn't find something to turn your crank, you weren't looking hard enough. I managed to get one of my prompts filled -- which is no mean feat because I don't leave easy prompts -- but it was really and truly delightful! I sure hope the writer steps out of the shadows so I can give 'em a big sloppy virtual hug!

The prompt: "Jensen Ackles flees to New Orleans in an attempt to escape the misery of his recent divorce.

He throws back a few too many daiquiries, gets suckered into a tarot reading, finds his head swimming as the streets fill up with revelers and the party starts. Color, dancing, music, and the kid ... well, not really a kid but younger than Jensen, certainly. Miles of tanned skin and a grin to beat the full moon. Jensen should really know better, but if you spend enough time in New Orleans, you start to question reality.

It might be a dream or the perique liquor he drank at the last bar, but Jensen doesn't much care. The kid is his for the night."

The fill: Laissez le Bon Temps Roulez SO WONDERFUL!

I managed to fill three prompts myself and dang, it was tough to narrow the field. I could've filled fifteen if I'd had the time...prompts ranging from the filthy to the sublime! Learned a few things about myself (like I didn't already know, ha!): I'm still afraid of backgrounds; I can't put bumps and bruises in the same place twice; hair is always fun. I wasn't particularly sneaky with my style(s) or anything, so if you've already figured me out and already commented, thank you! I think there were a few people I forgot to respond to; to you lovelies, I say more thank you!


Fills under the cut:

1.) "Anything here about Jensen being hopelessly in love with girl!Jared, and being protective of her." (This one is totally tebtosca's fault. ;))
2.) "One or both J's with big black wings, the kind that goes above their head and all the way down to the ground" which I kinda combined with "One has wings and the other must tend to the broken/hurt/dirty ones. Focus on the groomin and how the winged-one feels with the attentions."
3.) "Dean washing Sam's hair. Sam shirtless, his neck bare as he arches back over the sink. The silky strands of his thick hair sliding through Dean's fingers. You get the picture."

The images are pretty much rated 'R' but not safe for work, and unsurprisingly, all Sam and Dean (or J2) in various, um, situations. :D




All digital, all clickable for larger sizes.

Much love goes out to riyku and tebtosca for playing our lovely hostesses, and fiercelynormal for wrangling the pinboard account. ♥ ♥ ♥
Tags: dean winchester, girl!jared, jensen, masterart, sam winchester, spn_masquerade
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