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Bring our yer recs!

There are just so many good fics floating around right now, most of which are brief enough to chug through bunches in a day, so here are a few I think are well worth the time!

From the recent round of spn_masquerade:

Fifty-Nine Flowers Worth of Dust by keep_waking_up
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,382
Warnings: superpowers, touch deprivation, mild self-harm, scars, isolation, tragic pasts
Summary: Jensen’s house is all stone and metal, and he has a garden he never goes in.

SO GOOD. Subtle world-building that just happens so organically, and what the author does with the characters is unusual and keeps you hooked, totally hooked. And I'm a sucker for Jensen POV. :D

Sad Song by tebtosca
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word Count: 426
Warnings: somnophilia (noncon), coma patient!Jared POV
Summary: He has a lovely voice

I know it says noncon, and it is, but give this a try. It'll break your heart in a the very best way. And of course it's magnificently written, more poetry than prose. Tebtosca is one of a kind.

From this year's spnspringfling:

The Book of Abel, written for ME and currently anonymoused
Pairing: Sam and Demon!Dean gen
Rating: R
Any warnings: Language and violence.

I don't even remember my prompts but THIS IS PERFECT. It's a smashing alternative to the demon!Dean resolution. Ominous and gorgeously in-character -- or at least the Sam we used to know. *cough* If only the show could've been this good!

Enjoy, y'all!
Tags: fanfic, keep_waking_up, spn_masquerade, springfling, tebtosca
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