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But wait, more recs!

I am woefully behind in my spnspringfling reading (Balls!), so here, have some more spn_masquerade delights!

This was recced earlier, but the author crept from the shadows AND I AM SO VERY PLEASED! It was one of my prompts. :D

Laissez le Bon Temps Roulez by rei_c
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Word count: approx. 10,000
Prompts: Jensen Ackles flees to New Orleans in an attempt to escape the misery of his recent divorce. He throws back a few too many daiquiris, gets suckered into a tarot reading, finds his head swimming as the streets fill up with revelers and the party starts. Color, dancing, music, and the kid ... well, not really a kid but younger than Jensen, certainly. Miles of tanned skin and a grin to beat the full moon. Jensen should really know better, but if you spend enough time in New Orleans, you start to question reality. It might be a dream or the perique liquor he drank at the last bar, but Jensen doesn't much care. The kid is his for the night.
Warnings: sex, magic, alcohol, drug use

This fill was all I could've hoped for, and MORE! Magical, chock full of atmosphere, delightful characterizations, hot ... I mean really, what's not to love?? Thanks bunches, rei, for working so hard on this. It's truly wonderful! Now y'all go read. GO. GIT. BE OFF WITH YA.

Another one of my favorites was this quickie. Man, did this scratch my iddy itch in a good way! So skillfully written (without feeling the least bit labored over, which is no small feat) and simply scorching! LOVE the dynamic.

Superstar by rikyu
Genre: Jared/Jensen
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 1400
Warnings for barebacking and feminization (although some of that got lost in the sauce). It was so late when I wrote this, guys. So late.
Summary: Porn stars! Slightly effeminate Jared! That's plenty enough plot, if you ask me.

At lastly, gorgeous art! I have two offerings here.

Royalty by becc_j
Prompt: "One is a king and the other can be a servant, his best friend, another king. They fall in love and have to figure out how to make it so everyone accepts the consort."

This is simply gorgeous. Rich, painterly, the boys are beautiful, and you can feel the pining from miles away. SFW

King of Burlesque by smallworld_inc (Go here to leave a nice comment for her and see all her other luscious Masquerade pieces!)
Prompt: Jensen as a burlesque performer. Sequins, feathers and not much clothing. Bating in a champagne bowl glass much appreciated but not required.

The colors alone, mmmm-WAH! Not to mention a sensuously reclining Jensen. Dazzling! NSFW, nudity.

Hope these kick off a great weekend, gang!
Tags: fanart, fanfic, j2, jensen, spn rpf, spn_masquerade
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