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Spring has flung!

I suspect there are very few folks who couldn't guess my entry, heh...

BUT! I'm gonna post it over on my alternative account a_biting_smile, to keep all my Naughties in one place, away from the casual passer-by. So check HERE for the goods.

ALSO! While I'm pimping spnspringfling stuff, I'm re-touting the fic written for me now that the author is revealed. I AM SO TICKLED!!

madebyme_x, who has been such a delightful, super-sweet supporter for quite a while (I thought I'd friended you but apparently not!) drew my name and they wrote the most excellent fic, The Book of Abel. It's effin' perfect for me! Sam finds a way to remove Dean's Mark ... or at least he hopes it will. The story toys with some really interesting ambiguities and is so, so satisfying! I don't want to spoil much, but I'll tease with a powerful artifact and how the fic reads like a myth, a timeless tale told around the fire. CHECK IT.

Also, a big fat thank you to the Springfling mods, oddishly and glovered. They did a spectacular job! LOVE YOU BOTH.
Tags: a_biting_smile, dean winchester, sam winchester, soulless!sam, spnspringfling, supernatural
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