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What Kind of Monster...

Just under the wire! Here's my entry for spnspiration's April Fool's Fanwork Challenge! *was sweating this one, guh!*

The premise is a single-blind prompt-fill swap, subverting the given prompt into something unexpected. God love kalliel, I got her prompt: "Cole, watersports and scat". YES, YOU READ RIGHT. ;) She got sassy and decided to prompt those delightful items because everyone said they didn't want to do them, and who got the task? C'est moi!

Right, SO. Under the cut is my art dump. *snert*

Title: What Kind of Monster
Rating: G (What, really? Yup, really!)
Character: Cole
Recipient: Kalliel
Warnings: Season 10 spoiler, but nothing major
Summary: Cole's dad was a monster, right? Cole finds out which kind, when he grows into his, well, heritage.



(click to enlarge)

*wags finger at Kalliel* Ha HA! I have thwarted your silliness! My long-suffering eldest child helped with the pose, and I had fun with some funky digital brushes for the jellyfish-esque tentacles and the kelp. Cranked out in a day because, well, it's me. :D

Tags: cole, kalliel, masterart, spn, spnspiration
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