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Paris Today, Tomorrow the World!

*hustling to post!* C'est magnifique, genteensybang!

What can I say about brutti_ma_buoni that hasn't already been said? She's a fantastic writer and the nicest person ever, and her kindness and imagination are unparallelled. The atmosphere and characterizations in this fic are reminiscent of 'Cabaret' with shades of 'Moulin Rouge' but ALL BMB. ♥ Romantic, gently ominous, delightfully Bohemian! It feels like a perfect little time capsule of the era. Gen is just awesome in this fic. DO READ!

Title: Paris Today, Tomorrow the World
Author: brutti_ma_buoni
Artist: quickreaver
Fandom: SPN RPF
Pairing(s): Gen/Jared
Word count: 6700
Rating: NC17
Genre: historical
Contents (warnings and kinks both apply): bohemian setting, references to other partners and to alternative lifestyles, actual body hair before waxing; interwar setting with references to anti-semitism and to the early rise of Nazism in Germany
Summary: Jared's a raw youth when he first visits Paris. He is drawn into the ambit of Genevieve and her bohemian Parisian world, enchanted by her for a summer. But he has to move on, and Gen won't. As years pass, events push their lives together once more. But is what they once had still there? And can they keep it, as life and the world changes for them both?

Fic Masterpost: Fic Masterpost


(click to enlarge)
I tried to make the art kinda weathered, even though it's totally digital. Toulouse-latrec's colors were a huge influence and tons of fun to play with. And though it almost killed me, I cut Jared's hair, heh! Now go read the wonderful, wonderful story!

Tags: brutti_ma_buoni, genevieve padalecki, genteensybang, jared padalecki, masterart
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