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Updatery, Signal Boostage, and Everything

Hey, flist! How y'all doin'? Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd make a catch-all missive because I have ten minutes before I have to put the lasagna in the oven. #multitaskingforthewin

First off: SUMMERGEN, BABIES! Get thee to eet! This year, we're letting in ART! \0/!!

Sign-ups May 17-31 - Click the banner for details!

Also, there's this loverly thing: spn_cinema! I have yet to complete one, but boy, I still have hope! There's this story eating a hole in my brain...

And lastly, I'm gradually chugging my way through the adorable cherie_morte's LOVE MEME. I'm humbled and warmed by all the wonderful responses. I'll get through them all eventually, I promise! What an amazing bunch we are, here in fandom. It's truly remarkable.

Now, off to the oven and then boxing. My glutes will thank me later, but right now? After gardening at my mom's all weekend? THEY ARE NOT HAPPY...
Tags: quickreaver is a slacker, quickreaver is not a slacker
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