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Birthday Prezzies!

First off, I had a WONDERFUL yesterday! Not only did my kids bake me cupcakes (with no kitchen casualties), my ol' man took to me a most excellent dinner, capped off with baked alaska, AND I received so many birthday wishes, I couldn't even begin to thank everyone! My flist is ridiculously sweet and I owe EVERYONE something. Someday. Y'all are an incredible bunch of human beings.

Okay, SO! Time to share a few of the fandom-related delights that showed up yesterday! These folks deserve attention; they're so good. And for me, fandom is all about sharing the love and silliness (and sometimes angst), and supporting each others' creative endeavors. Here come the reccs!

In no particular order:

-The Boyking and his dragon, art by chomaisky, SFW, brilliant use of economical shape and negative space and silhouette and GLOWY EYES! Dammit, Cho is so good.

-Sam as St. Sebastian, art by amberdreams, SFW (though Sam is naked, there's no naughty bits visible). I'll tell you, Amb just keeps getting better and better, her linework more confident, and her poses more ambitious. This piece is deliciously surreal, h/c goodness! Looooove it.

-milly_gal cooked up a heart-squeezing graphic that showcases Sam's gorgeously expressive eyes. SFW. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE HERE??

-emmatheslayer, who always has the nicest things to say and leaves the nicest comments, left me the nicest Jared manip! This one, while not nekkid, probably wouldn't fit in most workplaces. ;)

-This art right here was snuck into my email, from the eternally lovely becc_j. If she uploads it to her LJ, I'll redirect there, but she said I could post it, so, I AM! Because, WELL. It'll be obvious. Viking!Jared? YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I gush constantly about her buttery paintstrokes and sophisticated color sense. This will be no exception! *insert flagrant fangirling here* SFW. Feel free to leave her kudos below; I'll pass them along. :)

-And lastly, FIC! I can't believe morganoconner bashed this out in, like, A DAY. She's a marvel, no hyperbole. All Those Things I Didn't Say is a delicate balance of melancholy and joy and tension and inevitability that is oh so satisfying. YOU WILL CRY; get those Kleenex ready. There's not a single wasted word. She's that good. I'm just...yeah. I've read this five times already.

And there you have it! Some delightful (and varied) things for everyone to peruse tonight. Get going! And please don't forget to tell everyone how awesome they are. Because it's true. ♥
Tags: dean winchester, fandom is amazing, happy berfday!, i know some ridiculously talented people, sam winchester, spn
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