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Puttin' on my Muse Shoes

I got my first fanfic, based on one of my paintings and I'm beside myself in thrilldom! It's one thing to enjoy what you're doing, but quite another to know you've inspired someone. Makes it all the more sweet, lemme tell ya.

Check out my swag, yo: Devil's Advocate The marvelous mangacat201 is the culprit. Show her love! And thank you, m'dear. You've helped to make my day! What a wonderful b'day surprise.

In fact, thank ALL of you crazy SPN fanfolk for making me feel welcomed and helping me get my fannish feet beneath me. You're brilliant, all of you. We're the best fandom on the world, I say with great fondness.

Now, I have to stop gushing before my teeth rot out. *mmmwah!*

EDIT: Holy crow, and a second birthday treat! More gushing MUST ensue. This one is really special. It's a tight bundle of powerful prose that really speaks to who Sam is, as a character. And touches my heart place. Written by monicawoe, who is nothing short of incredible. Go. Read. Sigh. The memories aren't the worst part...
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, fanfiction, full of awesome, monicawoe, spn, supernatural
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