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Somebody...that you used to know?

Hey, gang, I've got a pretty spectacular little number for you. Well, I think so, anyway. ;)

Our wonderful petite_madame has had a really crappy past year, so a bunch of us got together and decided to cook up an appreciation comm for her! You can find it here: to_pm_with_love; you may have to join to see all the current entries, but please do! And feel free to leave her more love, if you're so inclined. It'll brighten her day.

The splendiferous tebtosca and I tag-teamed up together to do a little sumthin-sumthin for the comm, and it goes a little sumthin' like this:


(Click the banner to go to the fic. WARNING: AYUP, IT IS DARK.)


click to embiggen

Based on Gotye's popular earworm "Somebody That I Used to Know". It's a catchy, creepy song, you gotta admit. And Tebtosca did it so proud. She's such a fantastic writer, I swear. ❤️ (PS...we both adore Jared, so this WORK OF FICTION in no way indicates hate towards him, I double-promise!)
Tags: horror, hot damn, j2, masterart, petite-madame, spn rpf, tebtosca
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