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Lost in this Masquerade...

Guess I'd better put my stamp on these puppies! I only got two doodles doodled for this round's spn_masquerade, so here they are, under the cut. One is pretty much NSFW, the other is safe. Click the images to expand in their own pages.


1.) Dean goes to Stanford to find Sam, but it's not his Sam that he finds. This Sam is just as smart as the Sam who stormed out of the hotel four years ago, but he's a complete... twink. Tight, tight clothes, kohl around the eyes, pierced ears and dyed hair. This Sam makes money for expenses as an exotic dancer/stripper (and let's be honest, he's probably selling it on the side, too), and he's good at it. And loud, and friendly, and outgoing, always smiling and laughing (and fucking) with his friends. And when he looks at Dean, he smiles like the sun just came out, licks his lips, and introduces himself: "Hi, my name's Sam, and I'd really, really, really like to suck your cock."

And there's no recognition in those eyes at all.

2.) Either pair of boys - Mad max style.

"Boy with the Broken Halo"

Sam, blonde?? Yeah, I know, right? It's weird, but, WELL. Who's really looking at his hair?

"What a Lovely Day"


For this one, I just ganked the pose from a screengrab, but it was really fun to keep it rough and somehow slide J2 into Mad Max roles. It was doubly a challenge, because casting either guy in a female character's role in this particular movie would've been a big mistake, for about nineteen different reasons. This was a workable solution, I felt!

And once again, all my love to the mods and helpers who put on the Masquerade. They tackle it with grace and good will and ALL THE KINK! Love ya, gang.
Tags: j2, mad max: fury road, masterart, piercings, sam winchester, spn_masquerade
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