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Can't Get Enough MotW?

(click image for the comm)

I know, I know...another event?! But I think this one will be doing some cool things. First off, its mothership is on tumblr but the sign-ups are via Google docs (here), so you don't have to navigate tumblr for that. Also, fics will be required to be posted on either LJ or AO3, for ease of reading. (Yay!) You can do both art and writing. YOU'LL BE CREATING ORIGINAL CREATURE DESIGN. That's the big fun!'s a minimum of 7.5K, so very doable. All ships welcomed. One thing though, photomanips and vid aren't accepted art media.

If you have any questions but don't do twitter or tumblr, give me a buzz and I'll either relay the info or ask the mods, tragidean: tumblrtwitter and museaway: tumblrtwitter.

It'll be interesting so see how this works, cross-platform!
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, signal boost, spn, spn casefic minibang
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