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Reverse Bang!

I was so lucky the amazing steeplechasers picked my piece for this year's spn_reversebang, and then I ended up not doing her justice at all. I slagged and got wrapped up in a dying pet, and didn't create all the art I wanted to. So thank you, A, for the wonderful story (which, BTW, I highly recommend because it's imaginative, creepy, gorgeously written and full of such amazing visuals). I owe you, lady. You just say when.


(click banner to read fic. DO IT.)


I love icons and religious themes (it's the lapsed Catholic in me), and of course suffering!Sam, so here we go. That's the whole inspiration. I'm not a complicated girl, heh.

There's an enigmatic 'monster' in the story that I wanted to draw--it's so fantastic--but I didn't. Crap. So have some Sam from early in the fic instead. I was working chronologically and, well.


And that's all she wrote. :)

Tags: masterart, reversebang, sam winchester, steeplechasers
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