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Springfling reveals!

WOOT! First off, thank you, vyperdd for your gift to me! It was beautifully written and wholly disturbing. NOICE! *hugs*

Secondly--again pretty sure everyone guessed me--but I drew de_nugis's prompts and cooked up a lil' Sam and Death ditty for her.


SFW, Death murmuring to Sam, based on the prompt: "A Completely New Set of Objects", which (upon exploration, thank you amberdreams!) is a poem by Wallace Stevens. So the image is more about the poem than the title, found HERE. Drawn in traditional pencil on paper, digitally colored and feathers added. :)

Thanks again, spnspringfling mods, for another spectacular year! I have so many fics to catch up on...
Tags: death, masterart, sam winchester, spn, springfling
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