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Some ruminations about fandom and the creators who make the canon of any given fandom...

Okay, so I've been seeing, here and there, diatribes on the responsibility creators have when writing characters, that said characters need to be the sort of 'people' fans take inspiration from. And "how can you trust an actor's charity works if the show treats 'x' issue so irresponsibly"? I...just don't know. What sort of onus does a creator or performer have towards their audience to be inspirational? I know art does not exist in a vacuum and we never truly create simply for our own benefit (nor is anyone exempt from criticism), but I'm having trouble with the notion that we must curtail our expression or creativity because someone somewhere might not like it...that maybe it might not be a paragon of The Right Stuff.

Just having a little pondering spell on a Saturday morning...
Tags: thinky thoughts
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