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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 2

It's been a weird day.

I've been listening to art podcasts all afternoon, trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life. I have no paying freelance work on the books right now, so I should be doing outstanding fandom gigs. (Which I will start here in a moment.) But ultimately, I've gotta get some money coming in, because our Urban Assault Vehicle, the ol' family van, is hardly running. We're going to have to salt-n-burn the poor thing any day now. My quandary is that I don't really want to do art that isn't MY work anymore. I'm kinda tired of bringing other people's visions to life, instead of my own. More quandary: I've been doing work-for-hire so long, I'm not even sure what my own vision is anymore. *has a little cheese with that whine*

So there's that. Then, my youngest, who's fourteen, is away at band camp since Sunday (cue the band camp jokes), and this is the first time he's been 'on his own' in, well, ever. He's the baby, no doubt, and it took a smidge of cajoling to get him to do this. Today, apparently, they were out canoeing and he accidentally clocked one of his friends in the head with a paddle. The poor kid had to get STAPLES in his noggin. Fortunately, the hubs was going up there tonight to be a chaperone anyways, so he made sure everything was cool. I feel just awful for the injured boy, though, DANG. Hopefully he can return to camp tomorrow. I owe his parents a cake or something.

So obviously, these are NOT happy things. But I took my other two sons, ages 16 and 18, out to lunch today ... and that was nice! We usually do things as one big family; it's not often that we all get split up and just hang out. They're growing up so fast. Our eldest will be heading off to college this fall (more expenses), if everything goes as planned. *knocking SO much wood* I don't exactly feel old? But I miss him already, and he's not gone yet. I swear, there's a "happy" thing in here somewhere.

Here, have a picture of the moon I took last night. The moon makes me happy.

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