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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 7

Okay, so I promised to expound upon the happiness of having company. First off, I love my on-line buds, I do! But nothing beats face-to-face hanging out with your friends. Theses folks have been our friends for years, before kids, before marriage, through divorces and ups and downs. Their youngest son, who's 15, is a fantastic swimmer and he qualified for a regional meet here in Columbus. So they came down and squeezed into our cozy condo, we watched him swim--GO, BEN! (He came in 4th but beat his old time handily.)--and then we laid around and played cards, drank whiskey cocktails and coffee porter, did a little Pokemon Go, and just generally had an awesome time.

I experienced a similar thing at Pittcon. The con itself was nice, Pittsburgh was a really pleasant surprise, but the best part was hanging with my fandom friends, live and in gory person. Hell, I didn't realize girlguidejones lived right around the corner from me until she was fixing to move! Dammit.

So, hey, if you get a chance to drag on-line friends into the analog world, DO IT. If there's someone you haven't touched base with in a while, make it happen. It really does refill your well.

Happy thing #7: friends. :)

Bonus happy thing: tonight's sunset, from the grocery store parking lot

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