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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 9

Whoops, skipped yesterday! So a two-fer today; first I'm gonna pimp this fic that made me VERY happy, from my exquisite monicawoe: The Company of Wolves

Jack and Will Graham track down soulless Sam Winchester. (A Hannibal/SPN crossover)

BE STILL MY HEART. She is a total boss with dialogue and voices, and MMMMMMmmmm, bad-ass, naked Soulless!Sam. (Not necessarily in that order, but...possibly?) EEET EEEEZE GOOOOOOD.

Secondly, Happy-making thing #2: if you love SPN, you may well love AMC's Preacher. Based on the comic of the same name (which I never read so I can't tell you how accurate it is to the source material), but this show is fantastic! It's got perfectly cast leads, sharp acting, dark humor, gore, the supernatural, gray morality, and it's gorgeously filmed. I may be waxing fannish over it...
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