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Shiver me timbers, Hoodietime!

For hoodie_time's latest Tag Challenge. I pulled #crying!dean, #hypothermia/extreme cold, #common cold. Sam's the one crying but hey, Dean is CLEARLY cold, yeah? Might even be...*sneaky eyes*

Title: "I Can Move Mountains"
Author: quickreaver
Characters: Sam, Dean
Genre/pairing: gen or Sam/Dean, if you'd rather...
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Warnings: Complete and total maudlin mush
Summary: Okay, here's what was happening in my brainplace during the evolution of this painting: remote cabin the boys knew as youngsters, snowed in or decidedly hiding out, Dean went out for 'x' and didn't come back, Sam found him...
A/N: Worked on this FAR to long. Still things I'd like to tweak. Oh, well. Was hearing Mumford & Sons' "Timshel" throughout. There ya go! Break out yer hankies.


And a detail of the face stuff:
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, h/c, hoodietime, masterart, sam winchester, supernatural
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