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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 12

Okay, gonna start with something that makes me UNhappy: feeling overwhelmed and rudderless. Which, I mean, who doesn't every once in a while? I've been feeling pretty rudderless art-wise for a bit now, as many of you might know (because I do so like to whine about it.) Part of my problem is, when left to my own devices (and not doing fanart), I'm overwhelmed by all the possibilities and choices. I want to do SO MUCH but where to start? How to go about it? How do I begin to streamline and focus and WAAAAHHHHHH...

Some of you may not know I went to school for art. I can't solve for 'X'; art is what I know and love and there aren't many full-time, salaried careers in art. So I freelance. You think it's tough fashioning a professional career, without a job description or boss to answer to or co-workers to work with and bounce ideas off of? Well, yes, IT IS. And then there's being a wife and mother, which also takes a section of my brainpower and adds to the plates I have to spin. It's like I work not one but THREE freelance jobs at once. Some days it feels like I get not a damned thing accomplished. Not a one.

But today, I wrestled with the insurance company and won. Our middle son, who's 16, is a tad stout. But he's active and jolly and is the kid whom I can usually cajole into going to the gym with me. Six or so months ago, his blood pressure was elevated, which of course isn't good for a teen. We watched his salt intake a smidge and upped his exercise and lo and behold, the BP came down! We had a re-check with his doc to assess that all was well, and then went about our merry way. But for some reason, our insurance claim was denied for that recheck appointment. It wasn't a ton of money--a hundred bucks--but we still wondered what was up. After a thoroughly annoying phone call tap-dancing with the insurance company's automated phone system (GOD I hate talking to computers), I discovered whatever papers the doctor's office filed with the insurance company mentioned his weight ("Ma'am, it says 'obese' on the claim") and the insurance company covers NOTHING based on weight. Which, what? Okay, SUCKS but fine, I called his doctor and they're like "Noooo, he's overweight but not obese. We don't have obese anywhere on his chart! This insurance company (which I won't name but let's say their initials are MM and leave it at that) does this ALL the time, in order to deny claims. Let me put this through again with NO mention of his weight at all."

Score one for the little guy!

So despite having a head full of noise, I saved us $100.00. At least THIS makes me happy.
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