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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 13

I've got a couple happies today, lucky 13! And they're due in some small part to yesterday's caterwauling. I'm happy I have such a wonderful flist. You guys really are lovely and delightful and always here with empathy and advice, and I adore you all! I'll try to pay it forward.

Also making me happy: finding great deals on art books and having a few dimes to rub together to buy them! I love the artist James Jean. He's so original and skilled and imaginative...I'm floored and inspired by his stuff, especially his covers for the comic 'Fables'. So I finally bit the bullet and bought THIS. And I did NOT pay fifty bucks for it. I also snagged the cheap Kindle-version of "Steal Like an Artist", and I'm looking forward to it kicking my butt out of Hesitation City.

Hmm, and while I'm at it, what are y'all's thoughts on Patreon? Some of my fellow non-fandom art buds are taking advantage of the site, but I'm...not sure. The idea with Patreon is something like the classic idea of having a patron, but broke into tiny monthly or per artwork donations. For different levels of donations, the patron gets various rewards such as walk thru's, videos (which I have NO idea how to create yet), first dibs on purchasing originals or prints, depending upon media...that sort of thing.

I mean, I still owe people fan art, I KNOW, (I LOVE YOU ALL, DAMMIT! YOUR PATIENCE IS BEYOND QUESTION!), but I have to juggle those with trying to get a some original art happening so that I can develop a brand and stand out more in my field. Artists doing straight realism are kind of a dime a dozen, to be honest. I want to stretch beyond that, somehow. What would everyone be interested in seeing, if I cooked up a Patreon page? Fanart options? Original pieces? What sort of rewards would make folks happy? Or does this whole concept seem like throwing money into the wind? (You won't hurt my feelings if you think this is a weird idea, believe me. It IS pretty wiggly.)

Anywho, thanks for keeping me company on this One Hundred Day march, and have a happy Humpday, lovelies!
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