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Art for 'Mission Voyager', J2_SPN Big Bang!

I had the delight to work with the most bubbly, adorable author, soulmatecest, AND work on light scifi art! I was really feeling the AUs this year, and lucky as hell to nab this one: Mission: Voyager

Please to be reading this lovely, lovely fic!


(click to make REALLY large!)

(click to enlarge)

MV_userpic MV_userpic2

I was inspired by a bunch of gorgeous images my author sent me--of amazing violet night skies--and the covers of the comic "Invisible Republic", as well as a bunch of men's fashion pics for the garb (thank you, pinterest!) and this stock photo for the drawing:

I had my teen sons hold hands as ref for the cover image...boy, are they troopers. They even laughed and asked, "Is this for Wincest, MOM?" (They're 16 and 18; they're well aware of fandom, ha!) For the record, they didn't care. They know it's all make-believe. And they also don't care if men hold hands. Kids of artists...bless 'em.

Tags: digital art, drawing, j2, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, masterart, spn rpf, spn/j2 big bang
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