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24 August 2016 @ 05:08 pm
One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 22  
I kinda let this little 'event' slip, but I really need a touch of the happy today. It's not like anything heart-rending has happened, nah, but I've gotta stop catching whiffs of fandom pettiness on Twitter (usually not from my own timeline, but trickling in from the periphery) and I'M WEAK AND HAVE TO SNOOP and then I see things I'd rather not. So. Snuggle me in your mothering arms, LJ. At least for today. ;)

Anywho, some happy! I've always hated my 'pro' website because 1.) it was ugly and 2.) um, well, it was ugly. And also, kinda scattershot and too full of fandom things for professional uses. It's tough for me to brand myself and I'm a pretty dubious web designer, but I found a free site that's user-friendly and not too obnoxious, so I cooked up a new, streamlined, greatly improved portfolio site: quickreaver.com.

Feel free to check it out and leave me a critique! Test the links. Suss out bugs. Make suggestions! I have yet to add a shop with non-fandom work; I don't have much stuff to peddle yet, but it's forthcoming. For the time being, I'm happy I made something that's usable, somewhat professional, and not boring or (hopefully) over-the-top. Eventually, I'll upgrade to the paid version and get rid of the ads, and as I hone my brand (whatever that turns out to be), the inventory of images will grow and evolve into...something? Apparently I have a lousy time taking myself seriously as a professional, yep.

But I'm happy I finagled a portfolio site, so there's that!
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Current Music: 'Dream On' - Aerosmith
theatregirl7299: WC-SPNtheatregirl7299 on August 24th, 2016 11:19 pm (UTC)
I love your new site. The mood and the tone is so wonderful!

The color is perfect to enhance your art, and I can't wait to see more added.

Here are my thoughts. I looked at it from a client's perspective.

I like the Social Media links being almost a shadow but I would increase the size because they get a little lost. In terms of the SM - I would streamline your posts to reflect your art and inspiration, possibly by creating new accounts that don't have personal stuff like family pics, etc. Keep them all professional and use the color scheme from the website and let it bleed over to the SM accounts. That way you have a cohesive cross-platform look for potential clients to respond to.

Also - your photo. Maybe get a pro shot done in Black and White or else take a shot of yourself that you like and turn in into one of your art pieces - this is my preference. LOL

Lastly - I would increase the font size of your selected clients and maybe link to them. Emphasize your success as it were.

And as Amber said - definitely a link to commissions/sales. Are you thinking about doing a RedBubble shop or strictly canvas-style based art?

A thought - this is not web based, but maybe once you settle on your theme - have business cards printed up that look like the site. The tie-in would be wonderful.

Again - I love it. (And you have my favorite Sam and Dean art up on it!!)

Brava, BB!!!

The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin: gone fishin'quickreaver on August 25th, 2016 02:16 am (UTC)
Great advice, all of it! I've flashed the site at my non-fandom art buds too, and it's fascinating how different--but not conflicting--the feedback has been.

The only thing I may not change is the content of the SM accounts, because part of growing a 'fanbase' is letting people into your life a little, sharing familiarity and some degree of friendship. When I start working on more original art, though, there will be more of that in there, and less bric-a-brac.

Thanks, lady! *smiiiish!*
theatregirl7299: WC-SPNtheatregirl7299 on August 25th, 2016 02:35 am (UTC)
Hugs you back.