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Sasquatch and Squash, more torture for Sam!

Here's another summer_sam_love entry I arted fer. I do the occasional photomontage for digital book covers and the author was cool with that, so that's how we rolled. But I also loved the setting, compelling me to make a second banner. Two for the price of one for swellison!

The story can be found HERE. Warning: there's a wee bit of Technicolor yawning involved, so if you're squeemish, be advised! But if this is your kink? Be pleased!

I often think of The Boys in a remote cabin, growing their hair long and living off the land. (curtain!fic, anyone?)

Sasquatch and Squash cabin

Sasquatch and Squash manip
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, h/c, masterart, sam winchester, summersamlove
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