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One Hundred Days of Happy - Day 25

Hurt/comfort. This trope makes me so happy, especially if the hurt is much Sam!whump and the comfort is much cantankerous!Dean. I will never get enough.

So on THAT note, I got my annual H/C Bingo Card That I Will Likely Not Finish a Single Damned Bingo For.

hospital stay wings gaslighting undeserved reputation head trauma
exhaustion forced soulbonding captivity atonement loss of home / shelter
accept injury to protect someone counseling WILD CARD rejection substance addiction
fall from grace motion sickness apocalypse falling vehicle crash
archaic medical treatment heart attack / heart trouble hypothermia pandemics and epidemics loss of voice

This is a goodie though, so my hope always springs eternal. HEY...if anyone has any suggestions for squares, lay 'em on me! You just never know. In the hurt spot, I will most likely brutalize Sam first, Dean secondly, any other character thirdly, but don't let that stop you from making prompts. Like I said, you just never know! I do retain the right to fiddle with your prompt, however, which may include switching characters if my muse demands it. So be forewarned! I MAKE NO PROMISES. ;)
Tags: h/c bingo
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