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SPN Review, 12.2, return of the Dastardly Duo

First off, thanks to everyone who left me a one-word review, as requested! It helped me go into this prepared. Consequently, I think I enjoyed it more than I might have without warning. So kisses to y'all.

Was so busy this week, I almost didn't get a review in, but better late than never? Maybe?

Once again, stream-of-consciousness rambling in numerical order, for ease of reply. :D

1.) Okay, so. That opening scene. What. The. Fuck. How many times is Sam gonna be sexually compromised before he can never, ever look at sex as enjoyable or healthy again? If I had any sympathy for Toni (as a working parent), it was dashed there. Now, if it surfaces that maybe something the Winchesters did seriously messed up her life, I might rescind this decision, but not yet. All that Sam eye candy was soured by the fact it was a cruel manipulation. Also, NO TATTOO. Sam, Sam, Sam. (Unless it's on his ass cheek or something. No pictures? No proof.)

2.) WTF part two. Dean consulting Cas on his awkward relationship with Mary. Really? Mr. Rusty People Skills? Hello, Dean-o...Sam is out there being tortured. Maybe that should be priority #1 for everyone, yeah? I chalk this up to the dubious writing of BuckLeming. As per usual.

3.) I've been super happy with the way Samantha Smith has been depicting Mary, and this week was no exception. It was so, SO lovely to hear her worry about how she's going to face Sam, after basically selling him for John's life. (Yikes, that sounded worse than it did in my head. But yeah.)

4.) When Mary reminisced about what a good father John was, Dean's expression was...complicated. Which I LOVED. I get John. I know why he did what he did. I'm not a John Apologist, but I'm not a John Hater either. And Dean, now that he's matured and had a chance to think about stuff, is losing that hero worship he had for the guy. If JDM ever managed to guest star for a heartbeat, boy, would that be a tricky reunion, even more so than Mary. Dean would have a word or nineteen for John.

5.) Cas continues to be deliciously awkward. THANK YOU! Him, conspicuously not sweating, hiding behind a birch and wondering if he and Dean are still discussing the same thing...*snickersnort*

6.) I dig Mick, the MoL that's sent to rein in Toni. Hope we see more of him. AND MR. KETCH. Man, I hope he's as wicked cool and dangerous as we're lead to believe he is.

7.) Rowena is always a hoot to watch. Crowley in a tux? YES PLEASE.

8.) I also reeeeally enjoyed Rick Springfield's casting as Lucifer's most recent vessel. (I don't necessarily enjoy the fact that canon has been squashed, thereby belittling so much of the sacrifice both boys, but especially Sam, have made, but whatcha gonna do.) At least now Lucifer is menacing again. He's not grimacing and posturing like a court jester. He's TERRIFYING. The ghosty effects were a little silly, but Lucifer's acid-eaten face and his infernal red eyes? Yep, that's the stuff right there.

9.) Why didn't they use the human-trapping sigil on Sam in the Bunker? Toni clearly had time.

10.) “Get off my furniture, squatter.” Lucifer to Crowley. :D :D :D

11.) The 'action' music was a little over-the-top. Go back to the older episodes, crew, and take a cue from them. It was better, IMHO.

12.) Okay. Was it just me, or did Dean seem really low-key when he finally saw that Sam was alive? Filthy, cut up, but alive...and we get almost nothing? I suspect a scene ended up on the cutting room floor somewhere. Like, maybe one where Dean peeked in a window and noted that Sam wasn't on death's door or summat. I needed a little more emotion there.

13.) And speaking of emotion...Sam and Mary. That scene, that little scene. The hug. The welling eyes, the way he wraps her in his arms. Kill me now. I am dead.

There might've been a few more things I wanted to note, but I'm capping it at 13, for reasons. ;) Civil replies welcomed! You know the dealio...
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