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SPN Review, 12.3, trick or treat? Or neither...

The week's episode had me neither gleeful nor gnashing my teeth. It kinda sat somewhere in the middle. So as per my usual, 13 little ponderings by way of a review. Be respectful when responding, y'all know the drill. :)

1.) Expendable dude and dudette, I don't care how worried you are for that crying infant: CALL THE COPS AND LET THEM DEAL. It's a crack house. But this is "horror", so.

2.) Yay, Mary cut her wig! (I love Samantha's natural hair, so this pleased me muchly.)

3.) Dean really is so much like Mary, and Sam like John. Of course each boy has his own personality, but the proclivities of their parents show up in interesting ways. My heart went out to Dean and his rivers of denial, and I really liked how Sam pragmatically pointed out what he saw, without being an ass. Sam is far too often put in a position where he's the jerk, the killjoy. Do. Not. Like. *pats BitterSamGirlClub memebership card*

4.) Is it just me, or was the music hitting us over the head in this episode? It called too much attention to itself, and I thought some of the scenes would've been better w/o it entirely. And "Born to be Wild" was just a little too on-the-nose for the needle drop when Mary and Dean were bonding over the radio. Anvilicious.

5.) Agent Beyonce? Srsly, Cas? Though I did find myself grinning at the exchanges between Cas and Crowley. They're all kinds of fun together. I miss wicked, intimidating Crowley, but those days may be long gone. When Crowley blipped into Vince's sister's house and let Cas in: mmmmm-WAH!

6.) The Partridge/Cassidy/Bonaduce "agents" were perfection, though! The young medical examiner would never get the reference.

7.) I'm loving Rick Springfield as Vince. He's menacing, arrogant, clever, and hope they find a way to bring him back. (Hey, this is Supernatural.) The Keith Richards quip was excellent. But why he ever trusted RoRo is beyond all me.

8.) Ruthie Connell is always a delight to watch, and I like that she felt a little dialed-back in this episode, a little more real. Not such a caricature. This is something Berens tends to do pretty well in his writing. He doesn't do slapstick.

9.) Okay, so we have this spiffy big screen, HD tv (because the husband), and something I noted in this particular episode were the details, and how they didn't quite fly for me. The ectoplasm dripping from Mary's eyes didn't look like it was coming FROM her eyes. It looked painted on. And the lightbulb in the abandoned nursery was one of those fancy Edison bulbs you see in hipster coffee shops now. They're cool as hell, but a dirty traditional bulb would've been more appropriate here. The upside of my fancy television is how effin' gorgeous Sam and Dean are. Even up close, they're so damned pretty. *shakes fist*

10.) Mary using more 'analog' ways to do the job...just as it should be. Served to additionally showcase her fish-out-of-water vibe and how competent she is.

11.) The haunting itself wasn't particularly interesting, but Little Ghost Boy was adorable!

12.) The last scene was really powerful, and capped an episode that otherwise felt kinda perfunctory to me. I understand Mary. I may not have made the same choice she did--to give herself space--but I know many people who would have. Who did. Sam and Dean are big boys, and theoretically they should be able to handle it *cough*. They're strangers to her, for all intents and purposes, but they do still have each other; she wasn't leaving them alone, per se. BUT!! And there's a couple big 'buts' (as opposed to big butts; you know you thought it): Dean's face and how he pulled back from her, his obvious feelings of abandonment resurfacing, and how Sam is stretched taut as catgut, full-body flinching when the door slammed as she left. They're not okay with it. And they shouldn't be. These are imperfect people, struggling through a quadruply complicated world. I ache for ALL of them.

13.) This episode felt very much like two smaller ones, smashed together. Not sure how much I dig this. It takes a really good writer and lots of luck and coordination to pull this off so that both stories feel fully explored. Personally, I'd sooner see them split into two individual episodes and better fleshed out, but I'm not sure how well this works for television, on the regular. It might be too slow. (They've done it in the past, so I know it's not impossible.) Usually I love Berens' episodes, but this one left me meh. It wasn't horrible, just sub-par for him, imho. I can't exactly put my finger on it. :/

Also, I have no idea where the title to this week's episode comes from (The Foundry). Anyone?
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