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sillie82, amberdreams and I were talking about memes and art and stuff, as we do, and we cooked up this opportunity for folks to to shine a little light on our fandom's artists: the ArtRec10 meme! Give us links to ten of your favorite pieces of SPN/RPF fandom artworks. Could be on LJ, tumblr, deviantart, wherever. We know there's lots of faves, but try to pick a few. Let's make today a little more beautiful! Couldn't we use that right now?

Topics may overlap — for instance, your h/c fill may be digital — but we'd like to see ten unique reccs, if you can manage it. Also, be sure to provide a link to the original art, so folks can leave love for the artist. If you choose to post the images, mind the image sizes and be sure to put it all under a cut.

1.) traditional - Cain, by sillie82, SFW, amazing pencil work!
2.) digital (handpainted/drawn via digital means) - Art for The Man in the Suit, by chomaisky, NFSW, so lusciously painted and tho there's nudity, it's not vulgar. It's elegant and stunning.
3.) Mixed Media - art for the RB 2015-15, Within My Reach, by beelikej, paper cut-outs and Photoshop, SFW, so meticulously executed and cute as hell.
4.) alternative media (paper cut-outs, stitchery, jewelry, cosplay) - This design by amberdreams, SFW, SO STINKIN' COOL. It really does make a gorgeous shirt.
5.) photomanip/graphics - Team Free Will + elements, by sorauwu(tumblr). SFW, tumblr is chock full of graphics and manips, so many of 'em pretty derned good. This is one.
6.) h/c - EVERYTHING by Ashlee at AskSamStuff(tumblr). Seriously. If you're a fan of Sam and h/c and adorable art, you can't go wrong with her entire repertoire! 99% SFW.
7.) horror - Boy!king Sam, by drawsshits (tumblr), SFW but there's a little blood, and thorns and batwings and golden eyes and ALL those tasty things!
8.) shmoop - Lil' Sam and Dean at Halloween, by hangsabove(tumblr), SFW, cute as a bug's ear. I recommend a stroll through all of her stuff!
9.) nsfw - Hellhoundsprey, omg. There's this series of fics and art -- the Fuckpig'verse -- that are so, SO naughty. It’s a "J2 AU made up of dirty thrash metal boys", but that's putting it lightly. It's all the things you may or may NOT have thought you wanted. (I read the fics peeking through my fingers!) The art fits the fics so perfectly, gritty and delicate at the same time, but the thing I never expected was the level of heart in this series, in these characters, despite their depravity . I particularly like this painting. NSFW, duh.
10.) WILD CARD! I envy the heck outta people who can make art this loose and stylized, and still recognizable and just plain killer. No, LITERALLY. Dean/Cas Mafia Au, by anobviousaside(tumblr). SFW.

ENJOY! And let's see YOUR recs...
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