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It's the end of the world as we know it...

...and I feel fiiiiine.

Or at least that's the theme of a delicious fic that the equally delicious akintay wrote for my j2_reversebang submission! akintay was a delight to work with, and I can't recommend her fic enough. The art is mildly spoilery, but not a plot killer, so proceed gingerly if you're an ardent spoilerphobe.

Title: The End is Here
Other Pairing(if applicable): n/a
Rating: PG for the art
Media: digital
Warnings/Spoilers: mild spoilers, no real warnings except maybe smoking?
Summary: Ever since the virus started spreading and the infected starting roaming the country, Jared has been living on the streets, trying his best to survive. Living in the nearby camp of survivors might be easier, except dealing with people can be more difficult than dealing with infected—especially when one of those people is Jensen. After all, getting involved gives you more to lose.


I tried to be a teensy bit more "cartoony" in the spot illustrations, to mediocre success, but it was more fun than fretting every detail, every ratio! However, I think likenesses suffered. OH WELL. I still enjoyed myself. ME ME ME. ;D Click the first two images to enlarge in their own window.




Tags: akintay, digital, digital art, j2, j2 reversebang, masterart
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