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Sassy magic!

I had the great pleasure to work with story_monger, whose writing is chock full of magical realism and real Gaiman-esque imagination. The story explores Sam's POV through a sort-of case!fic that is slightly canon-deviant but TOTALLY in-character for early-seasons Sam. Castiel and Crowley are pitch-perfect--I can hear their voices in my mind with each line of dialogue--and the land of Carterhaugh is both fantastical and deceptively ominous. Treat yourself, and READ IT! :D

Carterhaugh, by story_monger

no title

no title

Digital, obviously. (Lens flare, for the win!) Click images to enlarge. The art truly does NOT do the story's imagery justice. I was swept up in Carterhaugh, and partially afraid I couldn't execute what I saw in my mind's eye! Read the fic, and you'll know what I mean...
Tags: castiel, masterart, sam winchester, sastiel bigbang, spn, story_monger
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