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I need something to write, and opinions thereabouts

In my annual edition of "Hey, fandom, help me! I dunno what to write", I'd like to finish at least ONE of my wips, languishing on my drive. Or possibly flesh out one of my shorties that clearly feels like teasers to a bigger work. None of them are whispering to me at present. I'm feeling like working on longfic, as a sort-of segue into writing longer original pieces. (Hey, hope springs eternal.) And just maybe, I'll have something ready for one of the Bangs eventually.

So here are the ones I'm eyeballing:

1.) Wing!fic, J2 rpf, set in an AU where a winged humanoid race co-exists with 'normal' humans, but have been consigned to specific tracts of land for their own safety *cough*. The technology is along the lines of the early 1800's, but the winged folk prefer more a rustic, less industrialized life. There are hints of folk magic, psychedelic herbs, and rare psychic abilities. Jared is one of the winged folk, but he has lost a wing to trappers. While he isn't ostracized by his flock, he's clearly a hindrance and can't fly south for winter with the rest of them. Jensen is from a nearby flock, ostensibly visiting a cousin (but truth is, he's been quietly ostracized because he has The Gleaning—amorphous psychic abilities—that have lead to community distrust of him.) These two outsiders may just be good for each other. And hijinks ensue. (I'm plot-deficient here; I might need help in this department. Wait, no 'might' about it. I got nothin' for the meat of the story. Romance is not my forté) This fic is currently at about 8.5k.

2.) Slave!fic, J2 rpf, spinning off from a ficlet I wrote for the Xmas exchange: A Slave in Winter. High fantasy. Magic is real. Jensen is a surly blacksmith. Jared is the young, escaped slave who falls into his life.

3.) Give this one a chance: it's a gift for a friend. D/C with heavy Sam (though he's behind the scenes for a chunk of the fic). Cas has taken on humanity permanently, and as a result, now has a hunt-ending injury. Dean buys a small home for them all, but Sam—ever the fly in the ointment—isn't ready to settle down yet so Cas and Dean put down the roots. Cas gets hooked on cooking shows and starts baking All The Things. Dean takes a job at the neighborhood diner. Life gets ... NICE. But then weird things start happening around the area, and Cas worries that Dean is tempted to take the case again. Before Dean can get too involved, it's clear someone has beaten him to the punch. Guess who. Plenty of curtain!fic and h/c to go around. I have ~4.6k started on this puppy.

Okay, SO! Those are my current front runners. I probably have another three or four smaller ones that can be self-contained (comment fic meme fills that never got finished) but I'm feeling like building a bigger beast, and I've gotta work on something. Throw me a vote and opinion; I'd love to know first, second and third choices, and why (if you're so inclined)!
Tags: opinionations please!, writing is hard
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