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"Here I Go, Turn the Page..."

This little ficlet for a recent OhSam event, written by [personal profile] caranfindel , has stuck with me for weeks, like a little visual splinter in my brain. So I had to draw it. (In some small part to try to play with a different style, loosen up a little, which I failed at abysmally but OH WELL.) Sam, Kevin, Gadreel buried deep in there, a little blood, a little h/c, a little skin, a lotta snow. I recommend you read the ficlet in order to understand the illustration. It's a good ficlet. Quite good. Gooooood...

Scene illustration for Caranfindel's ficlet of the same name

(click to enlarge)

EDIT: [personal profile] beelikej  reminded me I wanted to play with a little blur, to add focus, so I'm adding that NOW. (Better late than never!)

Tags: kevin tran, masterart, ohsam, quickreaverart, sam winchester
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