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J2 Longfic Friday!

Friday already? Time for ten tasty J2 longfic recs!

This is the second in my series of responses to the question: what's your favorite J2 fic, the longer the better? This list has been compiled with the help of my Twitter timeline. When I've read the fic, I'll give it an asterisk and a brief review, depending upon how much I can remember. Which, well, my brain is like a Popsicle in the sun, on a good day. Still taking additions, so gimme if you've got 'em.

Follow the #J2LongficFriday tag for the goods. PS...I'm focusing on finished works, but I may rec on-going 'verses if the individual fics stand alone.)

Presented in alphabetical order:



~All Things Either Good or Ungood by tebtosca. 17k. Short, but DON'T BE FOOLED. Everything tebtosca writes is sparkling and sexy. Since this came out during my pre-J2 days, I haven't read it yet, but it is so very high on my Must Read list. Also, the accompanying art by fanlay is not to be missed.

FBI profiler Jared Padalecki has been searching for the man who murdered his brother for over a decade. He gets his best lead yet in the form of the killer's only known survivor -- a mysterious amnesiac named Jensen.”


~Anegada: The Drowned Land by veronamay. 29k. “Jared washes ashore on a remote Caribbean island after a devastating shipwreck. The only person he can find to help him is a brusque, misanthropic natural historian who declares he only wants solitude, but whose eyes say something else altogether.”


~Eat You Alive* by thecapn. 92k. “Jensen is a werewolf. Jared is the boy who sits next to him in English class.”

Such a simple little summary that doesn't begin to indicate how complicated and interesting and subtly daring this writer is. I like everything she's written for us, which granted, isn't much. Or rather, it's tough to track down, but if you can, DIG IN. She doesn't shy away from tough topics, and approaches typical material in thoroughly unique ways. Her writing is, at once, hip and timeless.


~Giving Up the Ghost by dimpleforyourthoughts. 89k. “Since his parents’ divorce, Jensen Ackles has just about given up on the living. Moving from town to town with his Mom and Sister, his only solace has been found in music, and ignoring pretty much everything else. The latest move to a massive plantation home in Louisiana feels like a dream come true: he'll have all the space and privacy he's ever wanted. But there's something--someone--else living in the house. And they're absolutely bent on making Jensen's peace and quiet a living hell. Jensen's just a moody teenager who wants to be left alone. And Jared is the lonely ghost that haunts his bedroom. Determined to get rid of the pesky poltergeist, Jensen makes it his mission to get Jared to move on from this earth. But the more time they spend searching for Jared's way to cross over, the more Jensen is discovering that Jared might be one of the few people on this earth--living and dead--that he might want to keep around.”


~Learn to Glow* by cleflink. 43k. Cleflink has an amazing facility with world building, as I've noted before. This one is sweet and chock full of feels. Great summer reading! I've read 'Kaleidoscope', but I can't remember if I've read the other two; will have to remedy that!

In which Jensen is an empath and Jared is insanely cheerful and completely incapable of leaving well enough alone.”


~Like a Detuned Radio by homo_pink. 9.5k. Short, but homo_pink writes some of the hottest fic this side of the internet. Recced by many.

When Jared's released from prison, Jensen is there to help him cope. Parole officer/ex-con AU.”


~Lost and Found by mediaville. 47k. “Jensen Ackles is a shy, overweight songwriter whose body issues have prevented him from forming any real personal connections, and at thirty, he’s still unsure of his sexuality, and still a virgin. But when he signs up for an experimental obesity research program, he meets Jared Padalecki, a stunningly sexy fitness guru who slowly but surely changes Jensen’s life.”

This was recommended by several peeps! I loooove ugly-duckling-to-swan fics, so this is high on my to-read list.


~Schemes (Are Not Just for Melodramatic Bond Villains) by bertee. 49k. “While broadening his gay horizons, architect!Jared meets waiter!Jensen at a strip club. Jensen is shy, Jared is smitten, and Jeff is a smarmy bastard.”


~So Very Like a Grave* by all_the_damned_vampires. 24k. All_the_damned's fics is not for the weak of heart, but if you're a h/c junkie like me—and don't mind endings that aren't all sunshine and lollipops, like me—this writer is for you. (Though I have received the funniest, most clever damned Jared-as-werecat ficlet from ATD in the past, so cute can happen!) The tales are always thick with psychological weight. I dig it.

Jared is pretty sure he was insane even before he was abducted. Not many people can survive a global pandemic with their minds intact.
For a long time, it’s just Jared alone in the room, tended and manipulated by an unseen force.

And then Jensen comes.”


~Thespis by nico723. 36k. “Jared is a makeup artist and is hired for a new movie based in Vancouver. Jensen plays the part of a hardcore, punk-rock star, but he has a real-life attitude problem. Unfortunately, Jared can’t figure out why and still finds Jensen attractive. They have to work alone together; long hours and long days, in small quarters of the makeup trailer. During that time, Jared discovers the actor’s secret and wants nothing more than to break away the protective mask Jensen hides behind.”


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