The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin (quickreaver) wrote,
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin

Polling the peanut gallery

Time for my annual "Which stupid WIP should I pretend to work on during vacation?" I suspect it looks just like last year's quest...

1) The Wing!fic wherein J2 are of a winged race of humans but Jared has lost a wing and all hope, then Jensen shows up and sees a project in Jared. Oh, and Jensen might be a little bit psychic. Or something. (I swear it makes sense in my brain.) Set in a pioneer/homesteader sort of period, mid-1800's technology, with guns and farming and trapping and the like. Creative working title: Wing!fic

2) Fleshing out the universe (and trying to come up with some sort of grander plot) for A Slave in Winter. Fantasy slave!fic. Jared is an escaped slave with a secret (besides the fact he's an escaped slave), and Jensen is the local blacksmith Jared rescues. And highjinx ensue.

3) Home: a fic I started for a friend that would be nice to finish sometime before the show ends. (Which, well...) Cas is human and has been hunting with The Boys, but an injury puts an end to that and Dean buys a house for them all. Except that Sam isn't ready to settle down and leaves Dean and Cas to their own retirement. It should be easy, right? Naaaaah.

Only ONE choice, y'all. I need to finish some-damned-thing. (These are just the longer fics I've started; I don't even wanna think about all the shorties I've got lingering in bits and pieces.)
Tags: halp a gurl
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