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The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin

Back, and stuff!

I've been off gallivanting for a coupla weeks--first, up to the UP and then straight down to Disneyworld--and I'm DONE with driving for a while. At any rate, there were many adventures! Didn't see a bear up north (the hubs did, boooo), but I did see an eagle and a fox. And a charming little rose-breasted grosbeak that hung out by my friend's family cabin, off Lake Superior. It was a tad drizzly, which was perfect for "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", that ran through my brain in a constant loop.

Then we made a beeline for Florida, and somewhere around Georgia, there was a suspicious wobble and we pulled over just in time to find that we'd lost FOUR lug nuts out of one tire. One valiant lug nut was keeping us from potentially dying, going 70 mphs, on a Georgia highway. We had just gotten new tires, and the mechanic had over-tightened the bolts, causing them to twist and weaken. My husband had BIG WORDS with Midas. Apart from that, the trip was busy and much fun! If anyone gets to Disneyworld, check out the new Pandora-land thingy and rides; pretty cool stuff. Glowy plants, riding those blue dragon critters--can you tell I don't know squat about the movie? Still, the whole fam enjoyed it.

Okay, SO! Now, to something that really tickled my heartspot: lennelle gifted me with the most wonderful portrait of Sam from my ficlet 'And She Was'. I swear, it's so, SO lovely ... both from an artistic and emotive front. I'll tease you here, but you MUST go to her journal and see the whole thing. It's just delicious.

Sam, post curse, for my fic 'And She Was'

(click image to be transported to the whole shebang!)

I can't express how really sweet it is to receive art. As a fan artist (primarily), I seldom get art done for my fics. [personal profile] beelikej cooked up a really excellent comm in The Quickie Bang, for which this art was done. Check out all of the comm's offerings! <3<3<3
Tags: fem!sam, lennelle, other people's art, quickie bang, sam winchester, vacay adventures
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