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Like we need more places to read about SPN, heh...

...and I need another thing to do, but I've volunteered to write the odd article about Show for a site called SPNHunters. My motives are a little biased, I'll admit. I've noticed a distinct lack of quality attention paid to our boy Sam, from both fandom, show, and social media outlets. I could whinge about it endlessly, but I decided to put my money where my mouth is and write for a site that might have a wider reach, we shall see. Squeaky wheel gets the oil, right?

Here's my first stab at it: Six Fave Smart!Sam Moments.

I started with a little fluff to get the hang of the protocol. It's short and sweet. (Thank you to my twitter TL for helping me select said moments!)

In the future, I'd like to explore thinkier stuff that focuses on both Sam and Dean, and doesn't throw either of them under the bus ... something that I've noticed other SM writers about the show have a tough time doing. I love them both. Y'all know me as a Sam!girl, but I have nothing but understanding for Dean. And as much as we all hate to admit it, the characters are flawed, but the flaws are in part what makes them believable and fascinating. (I also think the show itself holds some responsibility for dropping the ball, technique-wise, but that's a discussion for another day.)

SO! In light of that, I'm collecting topics to explore in the future. Leave suggestions below! I might periodically host brainstorming sessions here on LJ, to help develop the articles. And if I don't end up using the article for SPNHunters? I'll post it here, for us to re-dissect and chew up and spit back out again. (Sounds tasty, eh?)

Looking forward to sparking more discussions, getting LJ up and running again, and writing so that my brain doesn't atrophy!

OH! And while we're at it, a lovely little Jared that was commissioned by the adorable sammichgirl! She printed it out and got Jared to sign it at NOLAcon, eeeee!

Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, sam winchester, smart!sam, spnhunters, thinky thoughts
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