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Coupla goodies!

First off, a little arty thing, a commission for a lovely fangirl (who I'm not sure has an LJ journal? But at any rate...)

Jared Padalecki, ballerino. (I'd be lying if I said this wasn't delightfully fun to draw.)

We based it on a poster of a ballerina in London, but added our own spin. Digital, many errant photorefs. Click to embiggen.

ALSO! I think I mentioned this a bit ago, but I started contributing occasional thoughts to a site called SpnHunters, over at the FanSided network. There's this saying, and I've always dug it: "Don't like the game? Get in it." Lately, there's been a rash of pop culture articles and fandom behavior that has seriously short-changed mah boy Sam Winchester and the dude who plays him, Jared Padalecki. (You may have heard of them? *cough*) And y'all know how I feel about that. (Too much, weirdo, quit yer stanning.) I've done my share of grousing--for which I'm not always proud--but where does that really get us? It might blow off steam, but ultimately, it accomplishes nothing save make Sam-n-Dean fans look like sour, irrelevant malcontents. It ain't a good look, y'all.

Now, that's not to say we can't "criticize the thing we love", as the old fandom cliché goes, or must be The Positivity Brigade 24/7, but there's a way to generate interest and support (and maybe even vent a little) without marginalizing or throwing anyone under the bus. If we still want to, that is. (I fault NO ONE for looking at the current state of SPN affairs, and decide to throw in the salty ol' towel.) But this is my only fandom, and I figure if I want to see it drive off into the sunset with a modicum of dignity (too late? maybe...), or even vaguely resemble the universe and characters that I once loved, I'm gonna have to keep the flame burning just a little bit longer.

So to that end, I wrote this article, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out:

Why Sam and Dean are still the cornerstones of my Supernatural

Leave a comment there or here, if you're so inclined! I have many thoughts about Show, and its future. I'm sure I'll expand on said thoughts during hiatus somewhere ...

Thanks, flist! *smooooooch*
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