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Big Fat Update

I'm not even sure where to start; I've been collecting bits and pieces to post on LJ, and now I can't remember a one of them. FIGURES. Okay, let's just start word-vomiting and see where it goes...

First off, it's so nice to see people posting and updating on LJ again! I know it's been a struggle, what with the bazillion different social media platforms, but obviously, each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. In-depth conversations, and certain event styles, are simply best served in a journal format, such as LJ or Dreamwidth.

Re-pimping j2_jukebox! Please spread the word. It's the first year for it, and we want to kick it off with a nice guitar solo, right?

I've set up a Discord server for authors and artists in the SPN/SPN RPF fandom, as a place for Sam-and-Dean-and-J2 fans to network, get excited, offer advice, opportunities and concrit, dish about the show, etc. (Destiel has several big, active servers already running; if you'd like their locations, let me know! I'll point you that'a way. I'm not spurning Destiel, but you simply might be better served elsewhere.) Discord really isn't that tough to use--it's pretty much a glorified chat room--but of course there's no one in the new server right now, so it's pretty quiet. I'm hoping it'll catch on, though, because for me, one of the most rewarding parts of fandom is its gift economy: the free sharing of ideas and fanworks. The wank on some SM platforms has gotten so unavoidable, it sucks the joy right out of everything. I do enjoy a good rant every once in a while--I'm certainly not saying we have to be Susie Sunshine all the time--but there's a limit to the level of attacks and name-calling I wanna see, on the regular. I was craving a place for education and concrit too. So here we have it! EDIT: I HAD TO CHANGE THE INVITATION CODE. BELOW IS THE NEW ONE.

Have you signed up for spn_j2_bigbang? No? WHY NOT?

Hiatus is over tonight. I am ... guardedly excited? I don't dig a lot of the pre-wank I've been hearing, and I've been trying to stay loosely unspoiled, but I enjoy watching Sam and Dean more than any other character, so this episode is going to have be to super well-written (and acted) to win me over.

I understand the importance of Wayward Sisters on a couple different fronts. If a cast like this succeeds, it may well open lots of doors for more women in genre television. (We also need to see more women in writing and production spots.) It expands the Supernatural brand and provides another venue for all the characters (and cast and crew) involved, in terms of crossovers. More employment. More canon for us.

However, I don't think it's invalid to observe that lately more energy seems to have been put into exploring and developing the auxiliary characters on the show than its leads. (I know, J2 need time off too, but this is a quality thing, not a quantity.) Hopefully, once WS is underway and its own animal, the SPN staff will focus again on Sam and Dean. This isn't saying that I don't enjoy the regular and returning characters, but I'd rather they be utilized to allow us to explore our leads, not vice versa. (And specifically Sam, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?) Seriously, though, we've gotten into Dean's noggin A LOT these past few years; it's high time they encouraged Sam's psyche to be explored. There were a few shocks of Sam insight this season, flashing by like lightning strikes, but we're due a storm. PLEEEEEEASE, SHOW. For me? Please?

quicky_bang still has some juicy fics to snag, if you're an artist looking for something quick (and sometimes dirty) to inspired you!

Annnnnd, I think that's it? (That's fine, Cris, IT'S ENOUGH.) Later, babies!

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