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So tomorrow's the big ScoobyNatural!

AND I MAY BE TRAVELING. BLARG. I hope I'll catch it somehow before Sunday night, when I get home, because I think it'll be adorbs and a welcome respite from wankage! OR WILL IT BE?

As seen on tumblr and twitter; eye-rolling under the cut.

So people are already whinging about Dean macking on Daphne. Because "she's in high school". I shouldn't be surprised, eh?

But here’s the thing ... and I just figured this out while my brain was wandering ... the Scooby Gang (at least in the iteration that is being utilized on SPN), isn’t depicted as actual, fleshed-out high schoolers. Duh, right? (Hell, I didn’t even know the Gang was in high school when I was watching the cartoon as a kid. I thought they were in their 20′s.) BECAUSE THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT THEM BEING IN HIGH SCHOOL. It’s about a bunch of friends tooling around the country in a groovy van, solving mysteries. Back then, they didn’t go to prom, worry about grades (or social injustices), they didn’t have to ask their parents’ permissions to do anything, yadda. (True fact: Scooby and friends were designed as a response to what was perceived as the violent cartoons of the time, something fun and hip. In the era of Make Love, Not War.)

The Scooby Gang are iconic stereotypes, that’s it. The Hapless Babe, the Big Dumb Stud, the Nerdy Genius, the Hippie Slacker, and, well, a talking dog. And because the cartoon was targeted at a YA audience, they were drawn to look like they were in their 20′s. That’s a pretty standard practice for targeting the YA audience, btw. (Nowadays, we’ve split out the genre some, into Middle School and New Adult categories, but back when Scoob was developed, those didn’t quite exist yet.)
I get folks fretting about the supposed age difference, given our current practice of analyzing (and perhaps over-analyzing) pretty much everything, but I don’t think this is the instance to get upset about that. And what’s more, the episode was written by the Scooby team, not the SPN team, before anyone rolls their eyes and mumbles stuff about “typical for SPN”...

The episode hasn’t even aired, so let’s withhold the pearl-clutching until there’s something to clutch. I suspect there’s been a lot of 'getting skeeved out’ for naught.

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